In Our Gallery

Our Gallery

Our McCreary Modern Gallery houses several art exhibitions throughout the year from local and international artists.

Interested in using our space for your next exhibition? Call us at 828-464-8100 to set up a showing for you!

Previous Exhibitions:

April – June

Dual Visions: Inside/Outside
Andrew Atkin

Opening Reception Friday, April 27th at 5:30pm

March 1 – March 28: Foothills Painters

Featured Artists:

Pat Flachbart,
Araine Koser
Karin Koval
Evan Ellis-Raymer
Meredith Janssen
Shar Quinlan
Shirley Lee
Susan Grant
Susan Vance
Carl Zwingli
Molly La Fontaine
Martha Mauney
Carol Turner
Irina Kudyakov
Anne Fredley


Shoot Everything! Photography
Michele Baker Hewitt

January – February 2018

Brushes with Tuscany

Take a trip through Tuscany with Jean Cauthen, local art legend, and her students

November – January, 2016




Supported by a grant from the United Arts Council of Catawba County

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